Our origins

The La Marostegana Agri-business is located in the territory between the Berici hills and the river Brenta, where the soil quality, availability of spring water and mildness of the climate combine to create a perfect environment for growing vegetables. For generations, the farm was geared towards cultivating fodder and breeding livestock, today´s business is the result od trasforming the family Firm into a complete agri-food industry: from producing to trasforming and marketing cut salads.

The surface are, all of it owned, is around 70 hectares in extent in Piazzola Sul Brenta in the province of Padova and arond 27 hectares in extent in the Sele Plain in the province of Salerno where we grow roquette mostly in the winter in order to ensure continuity of supply throughtout the year.

By corporate choice, harvesting the salads is performed by hand and without the aid of machinery to ensure that there is a first selection of the product in the field and that foreign bodies are eliminated. 


Our processing unit is 3000 mt. in area with seven modern packing lines, two for the first range (unwashed products) and five for fourth range (washed product). Transforming the raw material into a ready to use washed product is maximum health safety with an excellent level of quality.

Throughout this phase, and right up to delivery we ensure the cold chain is kept unbroken at all times.


Our firm has seven temperature controlled vehicles for transporting products to the various fruit and vegetable markets. We have “always” been present at the fruit and vegetable market in Padua, in a reserved zone (zone B) in the producers’ area.

Daily deliveries are also ensured to the fruit and vegetable markets in Vicenza, Verona, Treviso, Udine and Bologna. There are two supermarket chains among our customers.

In addition to the domestic market our products reach various destinations in the following European countries: Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. 



Our products are grown, packaging and that are ensured by rigorous health controls performed.

LA MAROSTEGANA offers the “freschissimi” product at the highest level of quality, and apply guarantees food safety by applying the GLOBAL-GAP Product Protocol system (certification of product and production site).

Last certification issued by CSQA valid until 15/11/2024. 


“LA MAROSTEGANA” is named after the road where it is located, a road leading to Marostica, city of chess, culture and good food, overlooked by one of the most fascinating castles in the Veneto region.

The Agri-company LA MAROSTEGANA, is located in the heart of Veneto, in the municipality of Piazzola sul Brenta (PD). It is easy to reach from the motorway exits of Grisignano or Padova Ovest of the A4 Milan – Venice.